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The Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for the Environment and Spatial Planning (IRSOP) is a body affiliated to the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. The Inspectorate carries out inspections of the implementation of and/or adherence to the regulations in its working area. Inspections are performed by inspectors as officials with special powers and responsibilities. In carrying out inspections and conducting administrative procedures, inspectors act independently within the framework of their powers.


When entities liable for inspection are unknown to the IRSOP, or their residence or the company’s registered office is unknown, the IRSOP delivers administrative acts via a public announcement published on its e-bulletin board and on the e-Governmentsingle national portal.


Your reports will be considered as notices of alleged irregularities and/or as initiatives for action, but not as requests for the institution of an inspection procedure. The reporting entity may not request the inspector to undertake an inspection procedure but does have the right to be notified by the inspector of the action taken; this request has to be stated in the reporting entity’s report. Under the statute, the reporting entity is not considered a party to the inspection procedure. The reporting entity may not request the exclusion of the inspector from the inspection procedure.




Monday and Wednesday: from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.



During office hours, you can visit the regional office or the inspection office of the Inspectorate, where you can also report alleged irregularities. 







The Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for the Environmental and Spatial Planning (IRSOP) is an administrative body affiliated to the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning. It operates autonomously and independently in accordance with the rules laid down by the Constitution, laws and regulations. The IRSOP is headed and represented by the Chief Inspector, who is responsible for his or her work and the work of the Inspectorate to the minister responsible for the environment and spatial planning.




Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for the Environment and Spatial Planning 

Dunajska cesta 58, 1000 Ljubljana



Dragica Hržica, Chief Inspector



Tel.:   +386 1 420 44 88 (n.c.)

Fax:   +386 3 425 27 33

e-mail: gp.irsop(at)


Transfrontier shipment of waste (TFS):

Tel.: +386 1 777 00 84

Fax: +386 1 420 44 83

e-mail: tfs.irsop(at)



TAX ID NUMBER: 46975268








       Chief Inspector:

       Dragica Hržica


       Director of the Environment and Nature Inspection Service:

       Msc. Vladimir Kaiser


       Director of the Construction, Surveying & Mapping and Housing Inspection Service:

       Tanja Varljen


       Head of the General and Legal Affairs Service:

       Melina Omrzel Petek






The internal organisation of the Inspectorate is determined by the internal act on internal organisation and classification of jobs. To ensure the professional, efficient, streamlined and coordinated implementation of tasks and effective internal control over the performance of tasks in individual specialised working areas under the responsibility of the Inspectorate, the following internal organisational units are organised within it:

  1. The Environment and Nature Inspection Service
  2. The Construction, Surveying & Mapping and Housing Inspection Service
  3. The General and Legal Affairs Service

Inspection services are the most important and largest part of the Inspectorate. Every inspection service is headed by its director, who manages his or her specific working area across all regional units in Slovenia.


For the purpose of efficient performance of inspection tasks and the proper monitoring of the entire territory of the Republic of Slovenia, the Inspectorate is organised in eight territorial regional units:

  1. Celje Regional Unit
  2. Koper Regional Unit
  3. Kranj Regional Unit
  4. Ljubljana Regional Unit
  5. Maribor Regional Unit
  6. Murska Sobota Regional Unit
  7. Nova Gorica Regional Unit
  8. Novo Mesto Regional Unit

In terms of organisation, regional units are managed by heads of regional units, assisted by coordinators. In addition to inspectors and administrative staff, supervisors are also employed in regional offices, where they perform specific actions in the administrative procedure (establishing the facts and circumstances) and thereby assist inspectors in their work. Within regional units, inspection services are also set up in smaller towns for the purpose of more efficient work.


The General and Legal Affairs Service performs the tasks for the whole Inspectorate under the management of its director. From 1st of January 2017 also performs administrative and professional tasks in the area of transfrontier shipments of waste (TFS), except radioactive waste.



IRSOP organisational chart